Pirates At The Barbican

Yesterday we went up to the Barbican in Plymouth to visit the Pirate Ship and the Pirates that were taking over the Barbican for the weekend.  We got there pretty early but it was still very busy – probably because it was a gorgeous day (apart from the cool wind!).  Ben, Aaron and I went on to the Pirate Ship, which was called the ‘Bessie Ellen’, and had a good look around.  We also bumped into Jacko Sparrow (heehee) and many other Pirates, before taking a walk along the front of the Barbican and down through The Hoe to West Park where the boys had a quick play in the park, a ride on the trains and an ice cream.  We then took a stroll back over to the Barbican again to see the Pirates, before having a nice cold drink in the Bacara bar.

It was absolutely packed out up there with people dressed as Pirates and the actual Pirates that were there for the weekend.  We had a great time and enjoyed the day, even though Ben wouldn’t have his picture taken with Jacko Sparrow (he said he was too scared!).  We would recommend visiting next year when they are back, as we will certainly go and see them again, but we will have to remember to wear plenty of sun tan lotion for Pirate weekend in 2014!

Here are some photographs that I took of Jacko Sparrow and his Pirate crew.

2 thoughts on “Pirates At The Barbican

  1. Ahoy fellow pirate, I have just been reading your article on the pirate weekend at Plymouth; I am glad you enjoyed the day, we were lucky with the weather. I just wanted to point out that the pictures (entitled Jonty Sparrow) is in fact Jacko Sparro (myself) who met you on the Sunday. Jonty was present at the event on the Saturday. Hope to see you next year. Jacko Sparro at http://www.captainjackexperiences.co.uk

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