Muddiest Ride Ever

This morning I went on my first ride of the year along Drake’s Trail. Suffice to say, after the amount of wind and rain we have had recently, it was extremely wet and muddy so I got completely covered in mud! My clothes and bike were lagged, but it was still a very enjoyable ride.

I didn’t try and make any good times, as my main aim was to cycle to Plym Bridge to see how full and fast the River Plym was running (stats below).

I was a bit disappointed when I did get there as it didn’t look too much different than usual, but I still took a few photographs and a video (see below) and stopped for a drink and a couple of biscuits.

Further along the trail, just before I got to Plympton Park and Ride, I bumped into a load of deer on the trail.  Unfortunately, before I could get my camera out, they had run off and the one that was left behind jumped over the nearest hedge.  Bit of a shame really!  It then started to pour down with rain so I had to take the nearest shelter!

Once it had stopped, I started to make my way back up along the trail, on my way home.  I stopped on a few occasions to take some more photographs, especially at a waterfall which I have now christened ‘Drake’s Trail Lagoon’ (see below) where I was keeping my eye out for a Dipper that I didn’t see unfortunately, but hit the proverbial brick wall when I made it back to Bickleigh, so had to walk a part of the way to get some energy back!

For the first time ever, when I arrived home, I had to wipe my bike down before taking it through the house and into the shed as it was dripping with wet mud and was absolutely minging!  So was I actually though! haha

I had a great time cycling though, and will be trying to do it again next month where I will attempt to cycle to Clearbrook and back for the very first time!  So come back soon and see how I have gotten on! 😉

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