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Well, I have been meaning to put on here the stuff Kelly and I got up to on our holiday at the end of July, but have kept running out of time!  Finally, though, I have managed to sit down and post this on my blog.  Just can’t believe it was over a month ago now! Time has gone by so quickly!

Anyways, what did we get up to?

Well the weather was pants for most of the two weeks so we didn’t go to the beach, and didn’t even have a BBQ.  We went to the cinema three times to watch Hancock (not bad), Prince Caspian (very good) and, of course, Batman: The Dark Knight (excellent!).  We were hoping to go and see The Mummy 3 and The X-Files 2 but ran out of time and money in the end.  Will just have to get them on DVD!

Apart from the cinema, we went to the Monkey Sanctuary in Looe with Kelly’s Nan and sister, but it was terrible there.  The price to get in was £6 which was ridiculous and we didn’t spend more than 90 mins there.  It was all run down and there were no monkeys to be seens, apart from the occasion one that showed itself.  We definitely won’t be going there again!  On the same day, we also stopped off in Looe for an Ice Cream and a wander around, which was better.

We went to Buckfast Abbey and Fernworthy Reservoir with my Mum, and stopped off at the Toby Carvery for tea, which was very nice even though it was so busy there.

Kelly and I also travelled down to Bodmin Moor to see all the old sites such as The Hurlers and other Pagan sites, Golitha Falls, Siblyback Water Park and Colliford Lake.  I especially like Siblyback as it looks like it is a lovely place to Kayak and is a very nice place just to visit for a picnic or a drink in the Cafe.  Luckily the weather was pretty good all day, so it made it all a lot nicer.

I think that was all the places we visited in the end due to the weather, but we did spend a couple of days sorting out the babies room.  I had to take down the bunk beds that were in the room, and put up a couple of shelves, as well as putting together the cot and various other items.  We then manahed to wash and dry all the baby clothes that we have gathered so far and put them away in the drawers.  The room looked very nice once we had finished with it, and you can see pictures of it on the Babyblog.

We did also watch loads of films and played on the Gamecube a lot (I got hooked on Tiger Woods Golf as usual!), but apart from the weather, it was a really good two weeks holiday!

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