New PB! New PB!

I have had a couple more jogs around the field since my last blog entry and I am pleased to say that I have secured personal bests in both the jogs!

The first of these 2 new jogs I did in 12 minutes and 26 seconds which was a good 30 seconds faster than my previous best, but my last jog totally eclipsed this! The last jog I did I managed it in 10 minutes and 18 seconds which is over 2 minutes faster than my previous best! I don’t know how I managed this (apart from not stopping and stretching half way around) as I also managed to jog around the whole field in one go without stopping or walking. I was very proud of myself! Looks like i’m starting to get a bit fitter again, which is great!

Here’s to a sub 10 minute run next week! 😉

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