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Me during my honeymoon in Barbados, 2007.

My wife Kelly during our honeymoon in Barbados, 2007.

My little boy Ben on the beach at 9 months old

My Mum at Christmas, 2007.

My brother Darren at my wedding in 2007.

My Dad and Little Elvis at his 50th birthday at Trispen Pub in 2003.

Hi there!

My name is Simon Trethewey and I am 31 years young and I live in Plymouth, Devon. I am married to my beautiful Wife, Kelly, and have been for just over 5 years now. We have just celebrated our 'Wood' anniversary. We have actually been together for over 10 years now which is quite a time! ;-)

We are proud parents of two little boys who are complete terrors! Ben, who is 3, and Aaron, who has just turned 1 on Star Wars day (May 4th if you didn't know!). They are both gorgeous but full of energy so never stop! I wish we could bottle it up and sell it as we could make a fortune!

Well, back to me again now!

I am currently working as Support Manager for a company that specialises in Ecommerce Partnerships called 'ICO3 Ltd'. We are doing very well at the moment which is great! My work includes server work including setups, security and backups, PHP and MYSQL programming, online marketing, website optimisation and a bit of admin work. I joined the company in November 2006 so have been here for nearly 6 years now, and hope to stay for much longer.

Before this job I worked both in Sales and in Purchasing for a company called 'Grey Matter' who are a software reseller. I had been looking for a job at a web development company since I completed a degree at Plymouth Universty in Multimedia, Production and Technology in 2003. I got a 2.1 mark for this which I was very pleased about as for the last year and a half of the course, I was suffering from Glandular Fever and working part time at the Royal Mail Data Entry Centre every evening. Thankfully, I am over that now!

Hobbie-wise, I enjoy playing and watching Football (who doesn't!) and I used to play 5-a-side on Tuesday evenings in Paignton until petrol prices hit the roof and I damaged my ankle. I have been to the Doctor's and had X-Rays on it and they seem to think nothing is wrong, so where does the aching and the sudden sharp pains come from every now and again when I put my foot down wrong? Must be imagining it of course! ;0) Everton are my team as they are the best in the world. Need I say more!! COYB!!

I also very much enjoy other sport such as Snooker, Pool, Darts and Badminton. Apart from sport, I am usually found on the computer either playing games or working on my various websites, watching movies and spending time with my wife and boys, or having my head stuck in a book. I am currently hooked on the series of books called 'The Dresden Files' by Jim Butcher which I would highly recommend! Am waiting for my birthday to get the 13th book in the series, so am looking forward to that!

My favourite TV shows include Babylon 5, Lost, Eureka, Supernatural, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Friends, Alias, Stargate, Stargate Atlantis, Two and a Half Men and of course, anything to do with Football. There are quite a lot really!

Favourite all time films are Aliens, Iron Man, Thor, Scary Movie, Indiana Jones Trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, Pitch Black, The Matrix and, the best of the bunch, the Star Wars Films. (There are so many that I love that I can't think of them all whilst typing this! lol)

Well, I think I will sign off here as this page is getting a bit long-winded, so enjoy the rest of the site!




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