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Here you will find some examples of the projects I have undertaken. Some of these were done before I even went to University to learn about Websites, some are from when I was at Uni and others are more recent.

Most are websites but there are a few other interesting tit bits in here, so please enjoy..........

Smackdown Zone Website about WWE and TNA professional wrestling.

Title - Smackdown Zone
Format - Website
Vist the site -

I have recently re-designed this website about sports entertainment brands World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. I am a big wrestling fan, so I thought it would be fun to run a website about it. This version is the 3rd incarnation of the website. The original was put together in the year 2000, before I had started University and was one of the first sites that I made. The code used is mainly PHP but there are other elements in there as well.

Plymouth and Beyond is a website for people visiting Plymouth, and wanting to know of places to visit.

Title - Plymouth and Beyond
Format - Website
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This website is still in the process of being populated. It has been setup to help visitors to Plymouth in that it will give them ideas of where to go. As the name suggests, the places to visit aren't restricted to the Plymouth area with places as far afield as Weymouth being reviewed. Once fully populated, this site will hopefully be a good start for people visiting the area. The code used on this site is a mixture of PHP and mySQL as there is a database and a basic admin system involved.

Babylon 5 Archive for information about the cult TV series.

Title - B5 Archive
Format - Website
Vist the site -

This was one of the very first websites that I put together, and it shows. It is very basic and was made before I knew how to use PHP. I even think I originally made it using Microsoft Word, before I purchased a copy of Dreamweaver. This was made in about 2000, not long after the TV series ended. I am looking to update this site at some point.

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