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A program I made in Visual Basic at University which allows you to put together your own PC System and find out the price.

Title - PC Shopper
Format - Software
Download the zip file

The PC Shopper software was a project I did in my 1st Year at University. It was made in Visual Basic and was good fun to put together. The software allows you to choose your own PC system with descriptions, images and prices of each piece of hardware. It also has a built in 'set' of specifications for the 'Home' and 'Business' user, and allows you to save your spec or load a saved spec.

Virtual Fish Tank that was a project during University.

Title - Virtual Fish Tank
Format - Game
Download the zip file

This was a project I was set at University. It is a kind of Virtual Fish Tank where the fish follow the mouse around the screen. There is also a ball which, when the fish touch it, moves with the fish. This was made with a piece of software called 'Director' which was very interesting to use.

Alien Fish Island is a Virtual Fish Tank in space.

Title - Alien Fish Island
Format - 3D Model
Download the zip file

Alien Fish Island is a 3D Virtual Fish Tank in space. It was made in 3D Studio Max and then converted using Flash into a movie format. This was a project at University and was very difficult to pull off. It took me ages to figure out how to use the 3D Studio Max software, but I think it was worth it in the end.

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