150th Cycle Of The Year

This morning I did my 150th cycle of the year! This is a lot for me and the most in a year yet, but there are still a few more weeks until my Christmas Holiday starts, so I should be able to get a few more rides in yet! ;-) It wasn’t a very interesting ride (see below), just to work as normal in the morning, but they all count!

For you stats lovers (myself included) here are my stats for the year so far, now that I have hit 150 rides.

Cycles – 150

Distance – 482.7 miles

Time – 49 hours 47 minutes

Elevation Gain – 25,486 feet

The Fermi Paradox

I don’t usually come across other blog posts that I find very interesting, but my brother sent me this one and, after reading it, I can honestly say it is the best blog post I have ever read! I am into stuff about Aliens and Space (see my astronomy blog – Night Sky Astronomy) ┬áso people who are interested in that will find this post excellent, but I think others will enjoy it as well as it kind of blows your mind if you stop and think about it for a bit!


100th Cycle Of The Year

Today I did my 100th cycle of the year! It was nothing spectacular, just a normal ride into work! The weather was lovely and cool – perfect conditions for cycling really. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any records and my chain came off about 5 minutes into the ride, so I had to stop and re-attach it. After that, the gears seemed much better though, which was great!

For my 100th cycle, I hit 328.9 miles for the year, which is the most I have done on any of the bikes I have had. Am hoping to easily hit 400 miles by the end of the year and hopefully 150 rides! I have also ridden for 34 hours and 33 minutes this year and had an elevation gain of 17,720 ft.

Here are the stats for my 100th ride of the year –

So keep visiting my blog to see when I reach the next target! ;-)