Farewell to the King Of Pop

Goodbye to Michael Jackson who set the world alight with his music and charisma.

Goodbye Michael Jackson

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This is the first time that anyone really famous has passed away since I have been a ‘grown up’ so it is a bit strange how the World is reacting.  I guess it is almost up there with the reaction when Princess Diana, Elvis Presly and John Lennon passed away, but being several years ago, I was not even alive for the last two of those.  I do remember the day Princess Diana died but was only about 14 at the time, so it didn’t strike me as anything much.

However, growing up with Michael Jackson always being in the news and his music being critically acclaimed, this feels a lot closer.  One of the first tapes that I bought when I was about nine years old was his ‘bad’ album, and I thought it was fantastic.  I also remember watching the ‘Thriller’ video when I was about the same age.  He then brought out his film ‘Moonwalker’ and my brother and I used to watch that over and over again (with my brother hilariously trying to recreate the moonwalk and his other various dance moves!).   So you could say, he has always been in the background somewhere.

Even through all his well documented troubles (which he was aquitted for) his music still kept being played, and people still widely recognised him as the King Of Pop.

So farewell to the greatest entertainer of them all and I will be sad not to see him do his famous ‘Moon walk’ live again.

( unless he has faked his death of course, as the conspiracy theorists will no doubt suggest! )

Glory Glory Everton (almost)

As a life long blue I was so ecstatic when Everton beat Man Utd in the FA Cup semi final on penalties. I was jumping around the house and shouting, with Ben in my arms. :-) as i couldn’t believe it. It had been 14 years since Everton had got to a Cup Final (can’t believe it has been that long since I was sat at home as a teenager with my friends cheering Everton on to winning the Cup against Man Utd) so I was very excited.

Cup final day came and we were staying at Kelly’s Mum and Dad’s house in St Austell for the weekend. TV coverage started at 915am in the morning so I was glued to the TV from first thing in the morning, whilst playing with Ben. My Dad arrived with Helen and Bec for a BBQ just before kick off, so Dad watched the footy with me as well.

Everton got off to a flyer with Saha scoring the quickest goal ever in Cup Final history and, as you can imagine, I went crazy! I made so much noise that I got told off by Kelly as Ben had just gone for his afternoon nap. So I had to try and clam myelf down after that, which wasn’t easy. Unfortunately, Everton decided to sit back a bit (as usual) and let Chelsea get into the game and they eventually won via a bit of a jammy goal as Lampard slipped when turning with the ball which completely put off Phil Neville, and then unleashed a fierce shot that beat Howard in the goal. What a shame, but at the end of the day, Everton were beaten by the better team. So well done Chelsea……but Everton will be back next season!!

As you can imagine, I was a bit down beat for the rest of the day but the BBQ was very nice and the weather was fantastic, so ended up having an enjoyable evening after all.

What have I/we been up to???

Well…I haven’t posted anything on here for a few months so I thought I would give everyone an update on what has been going on!  And the answer…..not much at all really 😉

Since Christmas we have been coming to terms with looking after Ben, which we love really, even though he needs attention all the time.  He is now 8 months old and is a proper little man! He can sit up on his own, clap his hands, and is generally a very happy chappy.  We just can’t believe it has been 8 month since he was born. Shocking!

Apart from that we have decided that we must live in a different world (Plymouth) as when the WHOLE country was battling with the Snow in early February, we had a light sprinkling, and that was that!  Only 15-20 minutes up the road from Plymouth, there was heavy snow, and if you travelled about 35 minutes up the A38, you would have been caught in a severe blizzard that caused the road to be shut, and many people to abandon their vehicles for a small parish hall for the night.  Amazing.  I love the snow and would have loved a decent covering, but it wasn’t to be yet again.  It is very strange as even as far South West as Penzance (which theoretically should have less chance than Plymouth to get snow) had bucket loads of it.  What a crazy place this is!

We have also had probably the earliest BBQ party in family history, with it being held on Easter Saturday.  It turned out a fantastic choice as it was the hottest day so far of the year, almost a Summers day.  We had a great time and ate and drank too much!  And then had a good laugh on our newly bought Nintendo Wii.  Good fun was had all round!