Cycling and Jogging

For my birthday last year, Kelly bought me a Mountain Bike as I have been on about wanting a bike for a while now, so that I could ride into work and back and get fit at the same time. It was a big surprise to find I had a bike for my birthday as they are quite expensive, but Kelly (as always) found a bargain on the Internet!

Here is my bike!

My Mountain Bike

My Mountain Bike

Since my birthday, I have ridden into work on several occasions and feel that is has helped me get a lot fitter than I was! I record my rides using the Strava App so I know how well I am doing (you can find this on the homepage of my site!). I had a few issues with the bike to begin with as I was struggling to know when to change gears but I am getting the hang of it now. I still can’t change gears properly though and did have to take the bike into Halfords to have them checked, but im just not sure whether there is an issue or it is just me not changing gears correctly. I would rather not take it back to Halfords though, as it cost money and they were useless!!! All in all though, I am enjoying using my bike but just need some nice weather now!!

As well as cycling, I am still jogging home from work – usually once a month. The last time I jogged home was in March, and I got a personal best!! I was really pleased with this as I felt that I was going really slow and I also had a pain behind one of my knees, so it came as a huge surprise to find out that I was about 30 seconds faster than my previous PB, and broke the 34 minute barrier as well! My actual time was 34 minutes and 43 seconds which was great! It was also freezing cold so not ideal conditions, so hopefully after another month or so’s cycling, I may be fitter to go even faster!