Britain’s Got Talent – My Favourite

Didn’t watch all of  Britain’s Got Talent, but from what I did see, Signature were my favourite to win it.  Unfortunately they didn’t, but here is their audition which was excellent!

Bec’s 15th Birthday BBQ

Last week was Bec’s 15th birthday, so we had a BBQ on Saturday evening at Dad’s. Quite a few people came and we all had a good time, including a small game of Cricket where I got Emily out in my 2nd ball! We all had loads to eat including chicken, burgers, hot dogs, lamb, pork chops and plenty more. The weather was boiling and it was a clear sky, so it stayed light late into the evening. Here are some photos from the BBQ –

Royal Cornwall Show

Hi all!

Just thought that I would report in after spending a day at the Royal Cornwall Show, where it was boiling hot at times in the Sun.  In fact, I have quite bad sunburn on my forehead and neck!!

We got there at about 830am and got into a car park without any problems whatsoever, and left just before 4pm.  Shattered at this point as we were non-stop walking around the showground.  We visited nearly all the stalls including the flower show, animals, craft shops and, of course, the beer tent!!  Also had some lovely Pork, which was very tasty.

There weren’t any favourite stalls or shows, although I did enjoy the flower tent and hopefully got some good photos from it.  I also enjoyed the tent where you could have tasters of food and drink, especially a curry taster and a cider taster.

Also nearly had a disaster when looking around the pig enclosure, as two piglets staged a break out just as I was walking past.  Don’t know how, but they managed to get the door open and tried to make a bid for freedom, but luckily, the owners were nearby and managed to force them back in after a struggle.

By the time we left, we were all shattered and my legs and hips were starting to seize up, and Kelly’s back was hurting a fare bit.  But it was a good experience and well worth the visit!!