Wedding Anniversary – 1st Year

Yesterday Kelly and I celebrated our 1st married year together. We didn’t do too much at all though as she has got a bad back. We stayed in on the actual day but we did go out for the day on Saturday. We had a good day as we went to Launceston, Boscastle and Tintagel for a meal. This was the day that Kelly’s back started to hurt, but she managed to get through it all. Looking back on it, we probably should have stayed at home, but we both wanted to go out and celebrate in some way.

The weather was lovely and we had a good time looking around the places we visited. While at Boscastle, we went into the Museum of Witchcraft which (pardon the pun!) was interesting, although not what I was expecting at all.

We finished the day off by having a meal in a pub in Tintagel. I had Beef Curry which was lovely, and Kelly had a nice chicken and chips. We finished this off with some fudge which was stunning!!

Then back home for a much needed rest!