Weekend in Weymouth

Hi all, haven’t updated my blog for a couple of months so I am going to try and add a few new posts on here over the next few days to give you all an update of what we have been getting up to during our 2 weeks holiday.

Well….as you can see from the title of this post, we spent the first weekend in Weymouth staying with Kelly’s Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.  We were originally going to go up to Scotland to stay for two weeks with Kelly’s family, but because Kelly is quite far through her pregnancy, we didn’t want to risk flying up there and the road trip would have been too long for her.  So we went to Weymouth instead.

We had a great time there, and the weather was fantastic (if you can believe it!) all weekend.  In fact, it was the hottest couple of days of the year so far, so we couldn’t have timed it any better!!

What did we get up to??  Well, we went up on the Friday evening after work so didn’t have time to do anything that night, although Aunty Claire made us a lovely Lasagne (I could eat it now!), so we just relaxed for the evening.

Saturday morning, Uncle Mike and myself went out to Portland harbour kayaking, which was great.  This was only the second time that I had been out kayaking but I think it is brilliant and so relaxing.  We kayaked all the way out to the end of the harbour, and circled around a huge container loaded boat which was docked out there.  The weather was good although not too hot which was perfect really.  Kelly and the others went to get groceries for the BBQ we were going to have for tea, whilst we were out.  During the afternoon, we took a trip into Weymouth Town Centre as Kelly had some vouchers to spend in Mothercare, and we had our usual Shakies milkshake which was lovely.  An excellent BBQ in the evening rounded the day off nicely!

On Sunday we spent the day at Monkeyworld, which was a good day out.  The weather was the hottest all year, so we had to have plenty of drinks and ice cream.  We then had Chinese for tea which was very nice as well.

Monday was the day we came home, but we didn’t leave until the evening, so we popped back into Weymouth Town Centre during the morning, and then went to Portland Bill during the afternoon.  Had a wander around there and had a game of French Bowls which Bev won.  We then had a BBQ for tea, but just as we started eating, the weather broke and it started to rain.  So we had to rush everything inside, but it was still very nice.

We had a great weekend and we were sad to leave, but hopefully we will see them all again soon! 😉

If you click on the gallery image below, you will be taken to a Picasa Web Album where you can view some photos of our time in Dorset.  Enjoy!!

Weymouth 2008