28th Birthday

Its official….im nearly 30! Only 2 years to go now.

On the 17th I celebrated my birthday and had a really nice day.  I got stacks of presents including DVD’s, books, a CD and an external hard drive for my computer.  We were up early that day anyway because of Ben’s sleeping pattern, even though I had the day off work.  Bit of a shame that we couldn’t have had a lie in but it couldn’t be helped.

Once I had opened my presents and cards we decided to go out for lunch and take Ben out for the first time properly in the car. So, after about two hours of getting ourselves ready, we finally ventured out to get a couple of pasties from Plympton and then on up to Cadover Bridge on Dartmoor.  Ben was fine in the car when it was moving, but he cried when it stopped, so Kelly had to stay in the car and feed him his bottle whilst I popped out to get the pasties. 😉

He was great though when we got to Cadover Bridge in that he was fast asleep, so we were able to eat our lunch in peace.  We even managed to get him outside as well, although he was fast asleep so didn’t really take anything in, which was a bit of a shame.  It was a nice day as well!

In the evening, Mum, Tony, Darren and Marina came over for tea and Tony paid for an Indian takeaway for us all, which was lovely!  Could eat it now! 😉

So I had a great day on my birthday, and am now looking forward to Christmas! hahaha