Bantham with Ben

During the last fine weather we had (which was a few weeks ago now!) we took Ben to the beach for the first time (properly, not just for a walk) and he seemed to enjoy it.  He did find the sea a little cold but was ok until he fell in!  He then had a go on my bodyboard and was enjoying that until, again, he decided to roll off into the cold water.  Let’s just say there was a bit of crying involved! ;0) We had bought a tent for him to stay in to keep the sun off him and it was great, he even fell asleep in it for his afternoon nap.  We were a little surprised at this as it is usually a struggle to make him sleep anywhere but at home.

Kelly and I enjoyed the day at Bantham Bay as well, as we hadn’t been to the beach for over 2 years (2 years ago the Summer was terrible, and last year she was heavily pregnant) so it was great to finally feel the sand between your toes on a hot day (even though it was a bit drizzly and cold to start with!).

I went on my bodyboard for the first time in years and enjoyed it a lot, even though I was struggling to catch any waves.  I don’t think it was me though, as others seemed to be struggling as well!  The water was cold when I first got in (no wetsuit) but I aclimatised to it after a few minutes, and had some fun.  Looking forward to doing it again, although my ankle did ache a bit after all the paddling.

To end the day we had a BBQ at home which was very nice, and a few cans were downed as well! ;0)

Here are a few photos from the beach. Enjoy!